I have basically spent these last few days at the barn which means that I have had more time to chat with my equestrian friends (best kind of humans, they always understand you haha).

Yesterday when I finished schooling my horse I was taking him to the shower and carrying his shampoo when a friend of mine told me that I should try Betadine (surgical scrub) instead. First I didn’t understand why since my horse didn’t have any problem but right after he explained me that he uses it on his horses from time to time for many reasons – here are some of them:

  1. Acts fast to kill germs on the skin;
  2. Leaves their coat super shiny;
  3. The day after you use it, cleaning the horse will be easier.
I started by doing a full body rinse in order to get off dirt and sweat. After that, I put some water and Betadine on a bucket and mixed it until it got full of foam. Then I lathered Galileu up with a sponge until his body was full of foam. I let it sit for a minute or two and rinsed with clean water.

The results were amazing, after the bath his coat was gorgeous and so soft! Yesterday I didn’t manage to take a photo of him but I will do it today and I will share it on Instagram (@equestriantrendblog).
Did you know this tip? 🙂