Hey everyone, Holiday Season is here and I’m so excited about it – I love Christmas. There’s nothing better than a fireplace, a Christmas tree, great food, family and, of course, presents! It’s time to start posting some gift guides. During the next weeks I will post some more!
With Black Friday just around the corner, I thought that it would be great to start Equestrian Trend’s 2017 gift guide with four products from a brand that will have some Black Friday deals. I own all of these and decided to include them here because they are some of my current faves on the equestrian lifestyle category.
All of the following products are from Horsely, an Australian brand. They ship the products really fast (I thought they would take ages to get here but they didn’t!) and the prices are really fair.
Although it isn’t 100% horse related I had to include this bag on the list because I’ve been looking for a bag with this type of strap for ages. My mom owns one but she didn’t let me bring it with me, when I showed her this one she said that mine was prettier (and it is way cheaper muahahah)!
This vibrant bag is small but has a lot of room inside – believe it or not, I had my phone, two purses, home/car keys and three carrots (glamorous life of an equestrian) inside of it when I took these photos.

I love how it goes with my Quarter Zip Riding Sweater from Equestrianista (this sweater is a long time friend of mine) and with my grey GPA breeches.

Sterling Silver Horseshoe Pendant

A must-have. I’ve been on an “equestrian jewelry” mood lately, I got the bracelet from Horsegloss (see previous post) and then this necklace. I’ve been wearing them almost every day, either at the barn or at college. I must refer that the shine of this necklace is absolutely ridiculous in a good way, I feel like I am wearing something way too expensive ($$$$$$) and yes, I’m a kid and I feel like a princess wearing her diamonds. 🙂

Braided Duo Stretch Fit Belt

I am not a person that would spend a fortune on a belt. Yes, I like them but I like my money as well, sorry! Although I enjoy this type of belts I always find them way to expensive or with weird colors – my local tack shop has similar belts but they are incredibly expensive and the quality, details, etc. are not the best! But this one…ahhhhh, finally a brand that has color combinations that I like (and an impressive variety!).

My favorite: the chocolate brown leather details. In my opinion those are what make the belt beautiful. Usually the leather has the color of the belt but brown leather is brown leather, it makes everything better!

Solid & Elegant Horse Pillow Cover

Okay…I’m 20 and I’ve got a giant unicorn and a brown horse on my bed but please ignore them. My last suggestion is this pillow cover that matches my duvet perfectly, YAAAY!
If you follow me on Instagram you may know that my bedroom has an incredible amount of horse-related decor…I just love everything that reminds me of horses. So obviously this pillow had to be included on my crazy horse girl decor!

Bonnie wanted to show you that she loves this combo as much as I do! The brand has more colors available though.

That’s it for today, I hope these suggestions were useful!
On the next “Gift Guide” posts I will include some suggestions for the horses as well.
Photos: Carolina Fontes – except the last two that you can obviously see that were taken by me! 😀