Do you know those hot days where you have no idea of what to wear because you feel that you will melt the second you put something on? I had one of those days a few time ago, I looked to all my riding clothes and the only top that seemed reasonable to me was the Antilope show polo. It is from the brand Cavaletic which creates really comfortable show gear – I’ve talked about the brand here. Although I have never worn a show shirt or polo on a normal day before, I really liked the combination!

I paired the navy show polo with my GPA breeches that unfortunately aren’t produced anymore and with my trusty tall boots from Pioneer Italy. My helmet is the Miss Shield Shadowmatt which I absolutely love! Fun fact: ever since I bought it my trainer calls me Pénélope because he says my helmet reminds him of Pénélope Leprevost. 🙂

Gali wore his matching polos and saddle pad from Eskadron and we all know how amazing their sets are. I wish I was like those people I follow on Instagram that own more than 100 sets!!
His bell boots are from Lehxis. They were super cheap and their quality is impressive, I’m so glad I bought them.

What do you think of this riding outfit? Let me know!