Until yesterday I didn’t know Felix Bühler but their clothing collections are gorgeous. All the pieces are very simple but the colors and the discrete details make them stand out! 
There is another thing that caught my attention: the prices! Everything seems to have a great quality, their design is super stylish and…the products are affordable!
Here are my favourites:
Can you guess the price? Ok, I am shocked, it costs about 60€! Why didn’t I find this brand sooner?! 
Different colours, same price! Love the pink detail, can you tell I am really girly? 🙂

You can’t see but the buttons are made of strass. My favourite is the navy one.
I love this jacket! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hate Winter but the jacket could make the difference… 🙂 I think the first and the third could be mine!
Another love, I could have one of each colour without any problem! This jacket isn’t as useful as the previous one though.
I hope you like my five choices from this brand! Does anyone have any of these items? 🙂