Since euro-star was created in 1959, they have been creating top quality clothing for the type of rider who doesn’t think of “riding clothes” as a boring uniform. In my opinion, this is the brand that most represents the haute couture in the horse world – only some riders can wear euro-star in style because many of their clothes need to be worn by someone who has a strong personality!
Today, I took a look at their new catalog to choose my favourites but I had a hard time trying to choose them, therefore, I decided to select all the looks that I consider truly outstanding:

My favourite look is the first one, it is so different but classic at the same time! I will keep telling you this: I would love to have a closet full of riding clothes!
All the products from the euro-star Fall/Winter collection are available at their online store, right here.
Which look do you prefer? 🙂