We are all done with the cold days, the rain, the snow…we want sunny days, outside arenas and long hacks! Maybe we will have two wait a few more months but we can start thinking about the riding outfits for the upcoming season!

What’s better than starting with one of the most prestigious brands of the equestrian world? I am talking about Equiline and let me tell you that their new Spring/Summer collection is absolutely delicious!

I selected my I-need-to-get-this items…well, I can’t get them all but at least I can dream about it! *crying* 

Bice Jacket

Erica Soft Shell Jacket

Elsa Polo

Lorenza Down Vest

Kayla T-Shirt

Guia Show Polo

Nina Socks

Anastasia T-Shirt

Daniela Show Polo

Joe Belt

Andy Sneakers

Irina Stable Rug

Greta Polar Fleece Rug

Sveva Polar Fleece Rug

Camilla Saddle Pad

This is just a small part of a huge collection, there are many more colors and styles. If you would like to see more of the Equiline amazingness, here is their fashion show: 

Enjoy and have a nice week!