The last equestrian place I visited on my vacation was one of the best European tack shops: Divoza Horseworld of Zoetermeer. It was my first time visiting a store like this one so I had to see all the details, all the great deals and the collections. I spent more than 3 hours at the store and I feel I didn’t see everything!
They were having a huge sale, specially on Kingsland clothes but, unfortunately, they didn’t have my size on most of the items!
Here are some photos of the things I bought:

This saddle pad by Eskadron was on sale, it was cheap comparing to their regular prices. I have been using it for a while and its quality is great – I am a fan of Eskadron!

Yes, I bought a sweat scraper in The Netherlands – hahaha! Well…I needed one…! 🙂

The best stable bandages ever! They were cheaper than my previous bandages and their quality is way better, so glad I found them – the real must have!
Soft lungeing lead by Pagony, I also like the colours and it is big enough.
Among all the awesome Kingsland clothes that were on sale, this sweater was the only that fit me. I wore it for the first time two weeks ago, it is great for Fall: It is warm but not too warm, therefore, I can ride in it!
I bought some more items but they were gifts for my friends so I didn’t take any pictures!
Divoza has 5 Megastores and a huge online store that you can visit here.
You can see the other equestrian places that I visited on my vacation here and here. And that’s it…this Summer was the best Summer ever, I hope I can visit these places again really soon!