Before all the birthday giveaways, I started describing you my equestrian vacation. The first place I visited was the CHIO Aachen in Germany (you can read the post here) and then I went to Valkenswaard where I spent an amazing day at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Valkenswaard.

Me and my dad travelled from Aachen to Eindhoven by train and we arrived at 10am. Surprisingly, the hotel where I stayed was the same that many of the riders chose – including Jessica Springsteen – so it was very funny to see everybody around me wearing show clothes, I felt I was at home!
Then, we used the LGCT shuttle to go to Valkenswaard and, when we arrived, I felt I was in Paradise, Stal Tops is beautiful and this leg of the LGCT is huge. In Valkenswaard we can see all the arenas (including the warm up ones), there are wonderful places to eat, gorgeous items to buy and we can also see the amazing stables! I only knew the Portuguese leg of this tour and I wasn’t expecting to have such a different experience in The Netherlands! I have never had so many famous riders right by my side, I felt I was a little girl again!
But the best way to show you my fabulous experience is by showing you some photos:

After the GP, I bought a LGCT polo by Fixdesign that I will show you later. I can tell you it is very comfortable and pretty, I love it!