Hi everyone, Summer holidays are over so me and Galileu are back to more intense training and competition. Because of that and because I believe that his well being is the most important thing, I decided to start giving him natural supplements from Equana.
I thought Equana was a good option for my horse because it doesn’t contain doping substances, fats, sugars or carbohydrates, only amino acids, vitamins and electrolytes. Also, it comes in sachets which makes my life easier since I don’t need to measure the dose every time I want to give him the supplement.
The best part? It is soluble in water so Gali always drinks everything without any effort.
How to use Equana:
Just get a bucket and fill it with 3 liters of water. Then, open one sachet and mix the powder with water. It’s as simple as that, after doing this you are ready to give your horse the supplement – by the way, it smells too good!
I didn’t know what was going to be Galileu’s reaction when I first gave it to him but he just smelled the bucket and drank it until there wasn’t anything left, I guess he loved it!
After giving him Equana a few times I can already see some changes. His body works better than ever, he’s always fresh on the next day. He works great and doesn’t get as tired as usual, his hair is super shinny too. I am so happy to see my baby looking so good! #proudmama 🙂