If you don’t speak French, probably you don’t know what the word «crampon» means but don’t worry, I will tell you everything you need to know! In fact, crampon means mud stud and I am here to introduce you to Mandtis, one of the most recent French companies that was created to revolutionize the equestrian world!
This award winning company has mixed design and technology to create a never before seen product: mud studs with a magnetic base that allows riders and farriers to optimize their time – their innovative magnetic system is five times faster than the conventional system, can you believe?!

According to Mandtis, the mud studs offer speed, security, durability and are resistant to the vibrations. Plus, three sizes have been created so that they fit each type of soil.
Here is a video that explains how this new product works:
The mud studs will be available for purchase from March on. I am really excited to see the riders using these on their horses, I think this is such a great idea and it wil make everything so easy – I hate when it takes like a year to put the mud studs on my girl’s shoes!