Hi everyone! It’s crazy how easily we go from the crazy hot days to the super cold ones and this happened a lot during this past week. 
Last Wednesday was a holiday so I went to the barn really early to ride Gali, I love being at the barn when the day is still starting, I feel so relaxed.
I was feeling so cold that I decided to take a beanie and a scarf with me – obviously, everybody laughed and asked me what I would wear during the Winter!
I also wore my rose gold “Horse Treasure” bracelet that I just bought at HorseGloss and I love the way it looks on this outfit. When I first saw the bracelet on their Instagram account I loved it so much but it was out of stock so as soon as it was back I immediately bought it, I was really afraid that it would fly off the shelves again. 🙂
It’s super discrete and not big at all but when I look to this bracelet I think it is so gorgeous. Am I the only one obsessed with it?!

My v-neck sweater is from Ralph Lauren and although I bought it many, many years ago you can still find some that look exactly like mine. It’s cozy but good looking so I usually wear it with my trusty Equi-Thème vest that I never get tired of wearing. I’ve written more times than I can count about it and there is really nothing else to add – it’s pretty, it’s comfortable and it’s not the only vest I own but it is definitely my favorite!
The breeches are from Spooks as you probably know as well, not only because of their signature blue  color but also because I wear them a lot, hahaha.

Gali was clipped not long ago so before and after riding I put him his new quarter sheet from Equi-Thème. A friend of mine was selling it and it looks like new, it was a great deal.
Lastly, his ear bonnet is from Kingsland Equestrian and was given to me by my super boyfriend who doesn’t understand anything about horses and still nailed it! It is from this Winter’s collection and looks much better on Gali than his other bonnet from Kingsland’s classic collection.

I didn’t want to end the post without sharing this last photo with you. When Gali had a colic this past Summer I honestly thought we would lose him so after that I have been thinking a lot on how lucky I am to still have my boy with me. I have been working hard to make sure his physical condition is great and that he his healthy. I must say that I feel super proud because the colic completely knocked him down but he has had an amazing comeback, he’s looking better than ever. â™Ą