As you know, Christmas is coming! If you are like me, you never know what you should give to your friends and family so I have decided that I’m going to give you some suggestions! From today until Christmas I am going to write a rubric called “Christmas Suggestions” where I am going to share with you all my suggestions!
The first one is a little gift for your best friend! Horse treats, he is going to love it! But why horse treats if you can give them to your horse everytime you want? These treats are different, they are Christmas themed treats! Look at them!

1. Likit Selection Box

In addition to the tasty Likit Treats, each box features a fun jumping game with cut-out characters and a spinner inside to play. An extra special bonus is that there is an unique prize code in each box that gives you access to Likit’s exclusive Christmas Competition to win instant Likit goodies!

2. Licoln Snowman Treats (250g)

Apple flavoured Lincoln Horse Bix in a festive Snowman container.

3. Limited Edition Multipack

Contains 3 licks per pack and comes in the following flavours:
A = Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Berry Blast 
B = Cinnamon, Coconut, Berry Blast 

C = Cinnamon, Candycane, Berryblast

4. Horse Advent Calendar

It contains twenty four peppermint horse treats. Each one breaks into four smaller pieces.