September is an important month, it is the month where everything changes, we get back to work and school starts! I always need a little boost to start this month, specially this year because I am going to college: It’s my freshman year! I love getting new notebooks, pens, agendas, etc., it’s almost like a september addiction.
I found a Spanish brand called Mr. Wonderful a few months ago. They create very inspirational items that go from notebooks to mugs and last week, when I was in Oporto (made a little trip to my future college – I hope!), I found out that they have some designs that include an unicorn. I was at a store and saw one of their notebooks with an uni and a cute quote so, obviously, I bought one!

My notebook: «Não há nada impossível» means «Nothing is impossible» in Portuguese
After getting back from the store, I went to their website to see if they had more items with the unicorn and they did:

Don’t you love these? I hope they create more products with the uni…or maybe they could create a collection dedicated to equestrians! 😉