Winter means cold, rain and dark days…I don’t particularly like this season and sometimes that influences my outfits, especially the riding ones: I choose darker colors such as black, brown and navy. However, bright colors always give us an extra shine so when I saw this Blue Ribbon (what a cute name!) All-Around Jacket by Noble Outfitters, I knew we would be great friends! Plus, my outfit wouldn’t be complete without my new Xtremesoft Boot socks also by Noble Outfitters!
Starting by the jacket, it was a huge surprise because it is a thin jacket that I never thought that would be as warm as it is! I am writing this review and I still can’t understand how can it be so warm, so cozy, sooo good! Also, the jacket features a waterproof and wind resistant stretch material for a great fit. 
Speaking of a great fit, the All-Around jacket features princess seam side panels and a dropped back hem as you can see on the pictures. I just wish it was a little smaller, I am a size 2 so I should have chosen the XS instead of S.
I also love the reflective logo details, never forget: details make the difference!

Here is the bottom line: I highly recommend the All-Around jacket! If you are looking for a warm but not crazy big jacket, this one is the solution!
Let’s talk about my new Xtremesoft boot socks now! This is my very first pair of crew riding socks, can you believe? I have chosen the right ones though, these socks have so many innovation that if someone had told me they were as complex as they are, I would just have laughed!
If you spend many hours per day at the barn you need these socks! Why? because they are the most comfortable thing ever, the Ankle Shield padding prevents the horrible blisters (boot pinch points are terrible!) and the extra cushioned foot bed is the most perfect thing ever. The socks scream comfort!
The mesh panels are great for the ventilation and, since the panels are thin, you can wear them at the barn or under your jeans!
I love them, Noble Outfitters just needs to create them in more colors!!
That’s it for today guys, I hope this review was helpful! I have some more reviews from Noble Outfitters planned! Meanwhile, here are the links to the All-Around jacket and Xtremesoft Boot socks!