People ask me a lot how do I wash my Ogilvy half pad so I have (finally!) decided to write a “how-to” post. It is really easy to wash, I don’t even use the washing machine but let me show you how I do it:
1. Remove the memory foam inserts: You only need to wash the cover of the half pad. Open the velcro and take the inserts out.
2. Use a stain remover: Only if necessary, of course! Make sure you use a stain remover that is safe on colors and let it sit for about 5 minutes.
3. Fill a basin with warm water and add an appropriate amount of hand-wash detergent. Make sure it is thoroughly dissolved.
4. Add the cover to the water. Rub the fabric gently against itself and agitate in the water. Pay attention to any stained or marked areas.
5. Rinse the cover in fresh water to get rid of any traces of detergent.
6. Instead of using the dryer, let it air dry.
I will show you the final result later, my half pad is drying at this moment. 🙂 Have a nice week!