#ROOTD: Quarantine Routine

Hey, everyone! Although these photos were taken before the coronavirus lockdown, I only had enough free time to sit in front of my computer to write this blog post today. We are living very strange times as horse owners. My first month of lockdown was insane because instead of staying home, I had to go to the barn to take care of Gali as his groom was sick and, as you know, Gali requires special care so I couldn’t ask a random person to do it.

Since the barn managers limited the number of people who could go to the barn to take care of the horses and since they knew Gali’s situation is delicate, I was allowed to go there but with the condition of helping my trainer and other trainers school their horses. Of course, I said yes to that – I didn’t want someone I didn’t know/trust taking care of him and my trainer didn’t have enough time to do it for me as well (he is in charge of almost 30 horses).

So, from the moment the Government declared the state of emergency, my routine changed. I started going to the barn at 8 am to feed Gali and then I had to wait until all the horses finished their breakfasts while I drank my so-necessary morning coffee. Afterward, I would start by lunging 4/5 horses from one of the trainers and after I would muck Gali’s stall, groom, and lunge him. Giving Gali his lunch was the last thing I would do before taking care of two of my trainer’s horses. That included grooming them, lunging, and showering them.

On some days I would finish around 3:30 pm/4 pm and then I would come home, take a quick shower, and cook my lunch. My “normal life” would only start around 4:30 pm which meant that I had to work for my two jobs, have meetings with colleagues for my Master’s essays and online classes. On most days I would only eat my dinner around 11 pm.

Then my Master’s exams started and, by a miracle, I found a new groom for Gali which allowed me to spend one day or another without going to the barn and focus on my jobs and master’s. More people were allowed to go to the barn to help with the horses so I also stopped having to lunge 7 horses a day. I can’t even describe how much that helped me. I was getting to a point where I felt I couldn’t handle everything I had on my plate.

Some of my non-rider friends started asking why would I put me under so much stress because of a horse. As much as I attempted to explain to them how much a horse needs us and that being able to see Gali during these times made it all worth it, they wouldn’t get it and told me many times that I was crazy. Now that the lockdown is practically over (fingers crossed!), I can safely say I would do it all over again – Gali deserves it!


Jacket: Klawock by Kingsland

Polo Shirt: Tenana by Kingsland

Riding Tights: Karina by Kingsland

Saddle Pad: Seldovia by Kingsland

See you soon!


Carolina ♥